Thank You Cards

In this day and age of email we often forget the little things that make a business great. People like to be thanked for their business, so why not send an email thank you? We encourage you to do this, and then we also encourage you to send a personalized Thank You card in the mail. Why? It's simple, and that is to show your appreciation tangibly.

Our client, Nova Paypros, absolutely stands out, because they walk the walk. The owner of Nova Paypros, Tetyana Neeley, is a shining example of thankfulness. Recently she contacted us to print Thank You cards for her firm. We were excited, because she also sent us pictures of what she wanted on the front, the text for the inside, and her logo. This was all a dream come true for a design firm, because we often have to beg for these things, but not when you work for Nova Paypros, they are an illustration of what every design firm dreams about, and this is what it is like for her own clients. She is on top of her business, and yours. Additionally, she's an amazing photographer, so had these gorgeous nature pictures, I mean breathtaking. Wow. We used one for the front of the card, and it exudes warmth, and beauty.

We designed, and printed her Thank You cards, and then decided we would meet our client for coffee to give her the cards. She was so thrilled by them that she spontaneously did a photo shoot, and then she called me the next day to tell me she has referred Calla Creative Ink to many of the businesses she works with, we can't believe our luck.

We will be sending her a thank you card!

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