We Will Get Your Printed Materials TO Your Trade Show ON TIME

Hi my name is Liz Gooch, and I am the owner of Calla Creative Ink.

Today we've been talking about trade show booths and trade shows in general. One of the things people worry about when they have a trade show is how they're going to get their products to the trade show. You don't have to worry about that, because we ship them for you, and they come pretty easy to assemble.

Some of them are more complex, so you have to really think who are you sending to the trade show, what is their level competency?

If you're sending your sixty five year old grandmother to a trade show you wouldn't give her something really complicated to put together, but if you're sending people who are really really good like engineers or people who want something more complex we have that the product.

Or we have simple products that snap together in five minutes that look like it took hours and hours. The nice thing is that we can ship it to your hotel or we can ship it to the convention, or to whoever you like in the city where you're having the trade show given.

You can ship it back in the same boxes, so you get the boxes you ship it to the event, and then when your trade show is over you ship it right back.

The nice thing about all that is that your trade show will just come together so well and nobody is carting all these pieces and parts through the airport – it's a total pain.

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