The Best Marketing Materials For Your Denver Trade Show

Hi, my name is Liz Gooch, and I am the owner of Calla Creative Ink.

Today we're finishing our conversation about trade show booths, what to have at trade shows, and how you should conduct yourself at a trade show in terms of marketing materials and backdrop displays. Right now I want to talk to you about marketing materials that you hand out at the event.

Many times people give a lot of things away, so you're in a competitive marketplace. We often see a lot of magnets, and we do magnets. We see pens, brochures, fold-over business cards, but the one thing you need to remember is to have all these things, but to also have one thing that people can't throw away. It's extremely important to find an element, find a product that people would be in pain if they threw it out. You don't want your product to be left behind in the hotel room after the event.

You want them to take it back to their office, set it on their desk and think about you everyday. One thing that I've done is created one of those desk top bells, you know at the old reception desks, well now they're reinvented with logos splashed all over them. It's just very hard for a customer to throw that away, and even if it doesn't wind up on their front desk, it winds up on a desk in their office.

That is huge, because you're not going to be forgotten about as long as that customer keeps that item.

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