Step And Repeat Banners For Your Denver Trade Show

Hi my name is Liz Gooch, and I am the owner of Calla Creative Ink.

Today I want to talk to you about step and repeats and why you would need them at a trade show. A step and repeat is what's right behind me, and what it is really is a giant banner that can almost be any size.

I mean the bigger the better.

They can be attached in a frame, they can be suspended from the ceiling. There's lots of ways to do a step and repeat, and the most important thing about the step and repeat is that it repeats your logo over and over again, and that's why it's called a step and repeat.

In this case we have four different logos on our step and repeat, and in every picture you can see all the logos. It's extremely important, because this is an endorsement when you get people to take pictures with you. If you can get people to take pictures at any event they're almost endorsing you like it's a commercial.

The other nice thing about a step and repeat is that it gives you an edge that other people often don't have, because often people haven't thought about doing a step and repeat. It seems like a boring thing, just some logos, but it's not it's actually extremely exciting.

People love it when you post their images on Facebook, social media, twitter, Linkedin, you can post these everywhere and it just becomes a huge marketing advantage that you can have. With Calla Creative Ink we make your business bloom, we make your step and repeats bloom.

For the best Step And Repeat Banner Printing in Denver and Aurora Colorado, give us a call today at 720.612.1376.

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