Quality Printed Tablecloth For Your Trade Show Denver Aurora

Hi, my name is Liz Gooch, and I am the owner of Calla Creative Ink. We've been talking today about trade show booths, and trade shows in general.

I'd like to talk to you about tablecloth printing for your trade show now, the tablecloth sounds like something on your grandmother's table, but it's not, what it is in this case is a place where you display all your materials. We can make some fantastic displays that are stretched over the table and that can fit in with your booth. They can flow gently down, or we can make them fitted so they snap into place.

The nice thing about them is the fabric is gorgeous and it photographs well, and it finishes a booth. An open table at a trade show, or even a banner stretched across the front doesn't give quite the same effect on the table as a full table covering.

So at Calla Creative Ink we encourage you to be as professional as possible at your trade show so that you can make as much money and profit.

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